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     NoumeaKiteshool is open all the year, we are giving kitesurfing lessons every windy day to the Ilot Maitre or to the Ilot Goeland.

     These spots are the best to learn kitesurf near Noumea, we can practice in a big lagoon around with shallow water and constant wind.

     We provide all the equipment for the students, you just need an insurance which cover the activity Kitesurf for civil responsability, if you are not cover we can get one with the school for 600cfp for a day and 3600cfp for the year.

     We can give lessons in english from total beginners to advanced Kitesurfers in particular lessons about 2h30 or collective lessons about 4h00 with 3 students maximum for each instructor. 

      For more informations you can contact us at:        



    We are located in Noumea at the Orphelinat bay on the Marina Port du Sud:

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+687 790766

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